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James Leivers writes:


We will be holding another of our fantastic piano nights this Saturday (23rd) from 6pm. We’re expecting yet another wonderful night of good, hearty food accompanied by Ewan’s piano playing. Once again, we’re expecting a good turnout, so please email me at dukeofwellingtonwelbury@outlook.com, or call the pub on 01609897247 to book a table. The menu is available by request over email, or we have copies on the bar. We will also be updating our website shortly. As usual, we always send these menus out to people on our mailing list, so head on over to www.dukeofwellingtonwelbury.co.uk to sign up! We hope to see as many of you there as possible!




Emma Hewison, from Lingfield Villa (between Village Hall and level crossing) writes:


Just afew things I'd like passing on to everyone around welbury. Firstly 3 weeks ago someone has been snooping around and taken something form my back door. It has been reported but just to make people aware. Since this I have had cameras installed due to this.

Secondly I have had a women dog walker yesterday approx 2.30pm walk in to my yard. She was wearing a blue puffer jacket and a small sized black dog. She went to see my ponies but however can i remind people it's a private yard and dont just walk in however cute they are. People wouldnt like it if I walked in to their gardens and picked flowers. I dont mind if someone knocked on my door to ask but dont just walk in and do it. 

Please dont not give them treats or anything to eat such as apples or carrots or polos. I say this as one pony is nervous of new people and has a condition called laminitis and is a nice weight but does not need the extra treats as it's like diabetes in people and the other pony is a youngster. 


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