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Welcome to the website for the village of Welbury. Here you can find images, updates and more about the picturesque North Yorkshire village. If you would like anything adding to the site such as links, newsletters, photo's etc please e-mail Sean who will post them on the site ASAP.

Monthly Church Gazette

We have the monthly church gazettes for you to view in PDF format. To view the gazette, click on the link below for the month you would like to view.

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Welbury Women's Institute

Meets the 3rd Thursday in every month (except December) in Welbury village hall at 7.30pm. For more details contact Tina Race (secretary) on 882615. If you would like to view the programme for 2019, please click here to view the file in Excel format.
Guests always welcome.

Welly Wanging

Welly Wanging is a sport of throwing a wellington boot as far as possible. Click here to view the rules of the sport. Welly sports are held at the Duke of Wellington, Welbury. We keep records in many categories of age, gender, welly size, throwing style etc. Click here to view the current records (they are anonymous).

NHW Crime Statistics

North Yorkshire Police have made crime statistics available for the public to see in your area. Follow https://www.police.uk/north-yorkshire/northallerton-and-stokesley/crime/ to view the statistics for your area.

Free email newsletter

A free monthly email newsletter started 14th October 2009 for Welbury people and friends, past and present, near or far. Aim: promoting a vibrant village community. See the Wel-E-News page.


Welbury Watch
Welbury Well situated in the town of Welbury.